Last updated: 23 September 2002

Publicity for the Monkey video release is being handled by a PR company called The Associates.

Contacting The Associates

If you would like to do a feature / provide publicity for the Monkey video release, or if you have some Monkey PR ideas, you should contact The Associates:

The Associates (UK)
39-41 North Road
N7 9DP
Tel 020 7700 3388
Fax 020 7609 2249

Confirmed Monkey PR!

I've been forwarded this information from The Associates, which details all the confirmed PR so far in magazines, newspapers, TV and radio to promote the DVDs (I'll add more detailed information when I get it):

Note that in addition to everything listed below, keep an eye out for other magazines, newspapers, radio and TV shows - the list below only lists the confirmed PR - there's still potentional LOTS of other Monkey PR going to happen that's not on the confirmed Monkey PR list. If you spot any Monkey features / reviews, please let me know using the Monkey Feedback page.


Review confirmed Exclusive Monkey cover disc for June issue (out May)

When: Nov 2002 issue (issue 97) - out 25th September 2002.
Details: Includes a free DVD containing Monkey episode 25 "The Country of Nightmares" on the cover mount!
To see the larger pictures of the front and back of the DVD box, click on the images below:
[Design: Form]

Free Monkey DVD on cover of Nov 2002 issue of PC Pro magazine (front) Free Monkey DVD on cover of Nov 2002 issue of PC Pro magazine (back)

DVD Monthly
When: June issue (out May).
Details: Monkey DVD review.

DVD Monthly
When: July issue (out June).
Details: Exclusive Monkey cover disc, containing the first episode "Monkey Goes Wild About Heaven".

The Big Issue In The North
When: Sometime soon (after 22 May 2002).
Details: Another competition, after the success of the last one (see my The Big Issue In The North page for full details). It had the biggest response for a competition all year!

When: July 2002 issue.
Details: Monkey DVD review.

When: May 2002 issue.
Details: Advert for Monkey DVDs.
To see the full size image of the advert in SFX magazine, click on the image below:
[Design: Form]

UK Monkey DVD advert in May 2002 issue of SFX magazine

When: May 2002 issue.
Details: Advert for Monkey DVDs.

When: June 2002 issue.
Details: The June issue of Maxim magazine is a World Cup Special and features the Monkey DVD as an essential item needed to host a World Cup Japanese banquet in your front room.

The Big Issue In The North
When: 2 February 2002 issue.
Details: Contained a competition to win all 13 UK Monkey videos and information about upcoming UK Monkey DVDs. See my The Big Issue In The North page for full details.


When: First week of release (i.e. week beginning 29 April 2002)
Details: Competitions run on the following shows:
- Saturday 27 April 2002: Jonathon Ross
- Wednesday 1 May 2002: Phil Jupitus (Standing in for Steve Wright)
- Saturday 4 May 2002: Richard Allinson
- Sometime soon (after 22 May 2002): Jonathon Ross

XFM (London)
When: Sometime soon
Details: Competitions to win UK Monkey DVDs.

Virgin Radio
When: Sometime soon
Details: Competitions to win UK Monkey DVDs.

Various web sites will be publicising the UK Monkey DVD release, including:

When: Now
Details: news article
There may also be a competition on the site sometime soon too.

When: Now
Details: DVD Times Article

The R2 Project
When: Now
Details: The R2 Project Article


During the first week of release, Fabulous Films / FremantleMedia will have a guy playing Monkey in London to promote the DVD release. The plan is to have him 'perform' around Covent Garden, Soho, as well as in the following London shops on the week of release:
(NOTE: Other dates are yet to be confirmed)

HMV Oxford Circus
When: Monday 29th April 2002. Times: Lunchtime from 12 - 1.30/2pm and 5.30 - 7pm
Details: Will have all members of the video dept wearing the T'shirts from Monday. The Monkey character will walk around handing out fortune cookies. To see photos from Monkey's first day in London, see the Monkey Costumes - Monkey Goes Wild About London page.

Tower Records - Piccadilly Circus
When: Thursday 2nd May. Times: 12pm - 2pm
Details: Monkey character personal appearance.

HMV Trocadero
When: Friday 3rd May. Times: After 3pm
Details: Monkey character personal appearance. Also, will have staff wearing T'shirts from Monday 29th April 2002.

A rumour about the Monkey character making appearances around London could be found in an article on the R2 Project web site.

Let me know if you see him using the Monkey Feedback page!


Monkey show programme
When: Between 22 November 2001 - 23 March 2002.
Details: The programme for the Young Vic's Monkey show contained a big advert for the UK Monkey DVDs, including a competition to win all 13 DVDs. See the Monkey: A Tale From China page for full details.

Unconfirmed Monkey PR

1) There will be a teaser page about the DVDs in Q magazine at some point.

2) An edition of "PlayNation" magazine in the UK may feature a free Monkey episode, as added PR for the UK Monkey DVD release. Most likely, it will be episode 25, "The Country Of Nightmares".

3) Expect to see some PR for the DVDs on "The Movie Chart Show" on Channel 5 sometime.

As soon as I find out anything more, I'll add the details here, so you'll be the first to know!

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