Special Fabulous Films Deal

First 7 UK Monkey DVDs - special deals if you buy direct from Fabulous Films,
with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the world!

Fabulous Films have announced a special deal for the first 7 UK Monkey DVDs when you order directly from them.

This deal is an exclusive for the Monkey Heaven web site.

Choose from DVDs 1 - 7

Buy 1 for 15.99
Buy 2 for 14.99 each
Buy 3 for 14.99 each and receive a set of postcards
Buy 4 for 13.99 each and receive a set of postcards
Buy 5 for 13.99 each and get a set of postcards and a Monkey DVD poster
Buy 6 for 13.99 each and get postcards, both Monkey DVD and VHS posters
Buy 7 for 13.99 each get a t-shirt, postcards, 2 posters

For the t-shirts, choose a size and colour from the following lists:
Sizes: Small, medium, large, XL
Colours: Orange, yellow, grey, maroon

T-shirts will be subject to size and availability.
With your order, please include a contact telephone number or email address, so that Fabulous Films can contact you if your first choice of t-shirt size / colour is not available.

All cheques should be to "Fabulous Films", and clearly mark envelope "Monkey Heaven Offer".

If ordering from overseas, you'll need to send a money order or cheque made out in British pounds (so that you pay any currency exchange costs at your end, and Fabulous Films can cash it for free).

Note: All postage and packing is FREE to anywhere in the world.

So, wherever you are in the world, send your order, full name and address, and payment by cheque, postal order or money order (made payable to Fabulous Films) in British pounds to:

Richard Walker,
Monkey Heaven Offer,
52 Fulmer Road,
Gerrards Cross,
SL9 7EF,

Don't forget to include your choice of t-shirt if your chosen deal includes a free t-shirt, and a contact email address / phone number in case your first choice is not available.

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