The big news is that the UK Monkey DVDs will contain all 52 Monkey episodes (every episode EVER MADE), i.e. the 39 English-dubbed episodes that have been seen around the world, plus the 13 undubbed Monkey episodes (subtitled into English), which have never before been seen outside Japan! See the Monkey Undubbed Episodes page for more details.

The English translation and adaptation has been done by Daigoro Films Ltd.

There will be 13 DVDs in total, each containing 3 "seen episodes" and 1 "unseen episode"

Latest news on the DVDs (23 September 2002)

All Monkey DVDs from number 6 onwards feature a random narrator quote generator extra!

Earlier news

Confirmed information

Fabulous Films have just done a deal with FremantleMedia ( who are leaders in this industry. The release will be huge now with a major media assault planned. They are also taking on The Water Margin. Everything will go out as a joint venture. The releases will change slightly, the first 2 DVDs will come out on April 29th then probably monthly afterwards. All the catalogue numbers and barcodes have now changed from what I originally stated on my web site.

This deal will put the videos / DVDs of both "Monkey" and "The Water Margin" in more shops, and much more in the public eye.

All DVDs will feature:
- 3 English-dubbed Monkey episodes and 1 subtitled undubbed Monkey episode
- Cast biographies
- Character descriptions
- Episode synopses
- Stills gallery for each episode
- Web links

Note: The English subtitles on the undubbed episodes will be optional, so if you want to just watch them in Japanese without the subtitles, you'll be able to switch them off.

The DVDs are region 2 encoded (see the Monkey DVDs (UK) - Ordering page for more information on this).
All episodes have been digitally enhanced to reduce the noise on the video. This takes out large imperfections. This is not the same as remastering - remastering involves recolouring / touching up every frame of the original film negatives. Since there's 39 hours of Monkey episodes in total, the remastering process would cost millions and therefore was not an option. In short, they've used the ultimate enhancement process within their budget.
They're DVD9s, which makes the quality look even better.
Each DVD costs 19.99 - which is great value, when you think about the huge costs involved in securing the 13 undubbed episodes, translating and subtitling them... plus you get digitally-enhanced episodes, and other great extras too, including stills galleries, biographies etc.

Other ideas (not yet confirmed) include:
1) A Monkey quiz on one of the DVDs.

As soon as I find out anything more, I'll add the details here, so you'll be the first to know!

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