Maria Warburg

Maria Warburg


[Written by Robert Ross for the UK Monkey DVD boxsets]

Maria Warburg: Tripitaka (b. 1952?)
Maria’s fledgling theatrical career was interspersed with lengthy dubbing sessions. Aside from Monkey, she spent many years providing the English voice for the ‘Brazilian Bombshell’ Sonia Bragna’s performance as Julia Matos in the soap opera Dancin’ Days. Subsequently Maria left the business to concentrate on her family and enjoy life within the ‘real drama’ of life as a medical receptionist. However, she was delighted to return to her “fifteen minutes of fame” as her beloved ‘Little Trip’ in the newly recorded episodes of Monkey.

Other information

She is a cousin of Albert Einstein! Yes he of "space is curved"!
The above photo was taken at the time of the original dubbing.

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