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[Written by Robert Ross for the UK Monkey DVD boxsets]

Frank Duncan: Narrator 1979 (1923-1995)
Familiar television character actor with notable performances in Doomwatch: ‘The Killer Dolphins’, Minder: ‘Willesden Suite’ and Whoops Apocalypse. In films from the early 1960s his distinguished voice was well used as the news announcer in The Mouse on the Moon (1963). Other credits include Far From the Madding Crowd (1967), Assassin (1973) and the Paul McCartney fantasy Give My Regards to Broad Street (1984). He played Gramps in the television series Luna (1983), worked for Stephen Spielberg on Empire of the Sun (1987) and featured as Mr Deeds in the 1987 small screen adaptation of Vanity Fair.

Other information

In January 2000, I was contacted by Frank Duncan's granddaughter, who lives in London, UK. She told me that her grandfather, who sadly passed away in 1995, did the English voice of the narrator. His work as the narrator is known and loved by Monkey fans all over the world.

She said:
"My grandfather passed away in 1995, so I would really like to own the soon to be released videos to keep this ultra cool memory of him alive."
"Yes it was my grandfather, Frank Duncan who narrated the English dubbed version. I'm really excited - I can't believe I used to watch it as a kid not realizing it was him. Now I'm in my twenties I can understand how truly cool my grandfather was!"

Among his many acting credits, he appeared in the movie "Empire of the Sun", and the TV mini-series "Vanity Fair".

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