David Collings

David Collings


[Written by Robert Ross for the UK Monkey DVD boxsets]

David Collings: Monkey (b. 1941)
Brighton born actor who has left an indelible mark on the best of cult television. Early roles came in Danger Man: ‘Sting in the Tail’, Out of the Unknown: ‘X117’ and Gerry Anderson’s U.F.O. He has notched up three appearances in Doctor Who: ‘The Revenge of the Cybermen’ and ‘The Robots of Death’, both with Tom Baker, and as the eponymous ‘Mawdryn Undead’, with Peter Davison. He also played the element Silver in Sapphire and Steel. In 1970 he played Bob Cratchit opposite Albert Finney’s miser Scrooge and featured in the 1972 big screen spin off of For the Love of Ada. In the late seventies he played Blind Pew in Treasure Island, Tillotson in The 39 Steps with Robert Powell, and William Pitt in Prince Regent. He excelled as the mild mannered Reverend Harmon in Miss Marple: ‘A Murder Is Announced’, with Joan Hickson.

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Among his many acting credits, he appeared in episodes of the other cult tv shows Doctor Who, Sapphire and Steel, and Blake's 7.

He appeared in "Assignment 3" of Sapphire and Steel. You can see a picture of him in the DVD Times: Sapphire and Steel DVD box set review - fourth picture, just above the "Assignment 3" section. Unlike the episode of Doctor Who that he's in, in this one he doesn't sound much like Monkey, just an occasional bit where you can spot it.

He was the voice of Legolas in the 70s BBC radio adaption of The Lord of The Rings.

David Collings appeared at a Doctor Who convention in Manchester UK during the weekend of 2/3 September 2000.
See the PanoptiCon 2000 - The Doctor Who Convention page for full info!

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