Cecile Chevreau

Cecile Chevreau


[Written by Robert Ross for the UK Monkey DVD boxsets]

Cecile Chevreau: Buddha/Inn Keeper (1915-1992)
Prolific stage and radio actress who chalked up notable appearances on Dick Barton: Special Agent and The Goon Show. She made her film debut opposite John Slater in Deadlock (1943) and continued in supporting roles in the James Mason adventure Candlelight in Algeria (1944) and Death in the Hand (1948). She played Vanessa Mitchell in the Terence Fisher directed Hammer science-fiction film Spaceways (1953) and featured alongside Paul Carpenter in Five Days (1954).

Other information

In January 2002, I received an email from in the UK, who revealed that his grandmother, Cecile Chevreau, did Buddha's voice in the English-dubbed version of Monkey.

He said:
"Buddha's voice was dubbed by my grandmother, Cecile Chevereau. She also dubbed a small part of an 'inn keeper'. Which episode I couldnt tell you as it was a long time ago.

She was born 1915, and died 1992. She had a long and varied career as an actress, predominantly in radio but later in film and t.v. She worked regularly on shows like "Dick Barton Special Agent" and was the only woman to have ever acted on the "Goon show". She acted regularly in the Hammer House studio films including the Sci-Fi thriller "Spaceways" recently re-released on DVD. She counted Orson Welles and Louis McNeice amongst her close friends and was altogether a remarkable woman."

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