Monkey Drinking Game

[Contributed by Cecilia ( with a little help from Nikki Brown (]

Cecilia says:
"Here is my version of the Monkey Magic drinking game, for those of you who are lucky enough to find a couple of episodes. At this point I'd better include a disclaimer: this game is not intended for playing using alcoholic beverages. It is strictly for nostalgic fun.

I would really like the feedback that you have to give me or any suggestions that you might like to make. I don't know of any other Monkey drinking games, so please enlighten me if you have found another one.

It is probably best if you pick one character and drink along to that. Trying the whole lot would be hazardous to your health (especially if you're drinking Sydney's water)

Happy drinking (of non-alcoholic beveridges of course)!"

If you know of any other Monkey drinking games, or if you have any suggestions for this one, please either contact Cecilia (, or contact me using the Monkey Feedback page.


Take a drink when the following occurs:


  • Monkey calls himself 'Great Sage, Equal of Heaven'
  • Monkey gets hurt; double if he uses his 'tststststs it hurts' sound
  • When Monkey's staff grows or shrinks
  • When Monkey actually sticks up for Tripitaka
  • When Monkey doesn't listen to Tripitaka ('No violence, Monkey!')
  • When Monkey picks on the horse
  • When Monkey fights one of his fellow pilgrims
  • When Monkey insults someone or says something witty
  • When Monkey falls in love (take a full shot for that one, you'll need it)
  • Whenever it sounds like Monkey might have learnt something from Tripitaka or Buddha's wisdom
  • When Monkey uses his magic; double if it involves pulling out a strand of hair
  • Whenever Monkey goes into a sulk and stomps off on his own
  • Whenever Monkey comes back to rescue Tripitaka


  • When Tripitaka yells out 'No violence, Monkey!'
  • Whenever Tripitaka wishes that Monkey is there to help
  • When Tripitaka mentions his religion
  • Whenever Tripitaka is called the 'holy fool'
  • When Tripitaka uses his sutra to tighten the gold ring on Monkey's head
  • When Tripitaka gives a monster a chance or is fooled by them
  • When someone falls in love with Tripitaka, or wants him to marry their daughter
  • Whenever Tripitaka mentions they're holy missionaries or that they're on their way to India


  • When Pigsy yells out 'pretty ladies' (or something to that effect)
  • When Pigsy whines that he's hungry
  • When he tries to pick up chicks
  • When the others gang up on him
  • When he genuinely falls in love
  • When the ladies reject his advances
  • When he takes Tripitaka's point of view for his own gain
  • When he does anything that is stereotypical of a pig
  • Whenever Pigsy's nose turns into a snout


  • When you see the actor's name in the opening credits
  • When Sandy complains that he needs water
  • When Sandy actually gets the water and rubs it into his bald patch
  • When Sandy plays along or talks Pigsy into something for laughs
  • When Sandy fights any demons
  • When Sandy gets to have an episode about him
  • When Sandy gets involved in a bet with the others
  • When Sandy sticks up for the common peasant
  • When we meet any of Sandy's relatives
  • Whenever Sandy turns into a fish

    The Horse

  • Whenever the horse turns into human form
  • Whenever anyone scares the horse
  • When Monkey kicks it up the arse
  • Whenever the human horse runs away
  • When the human horse actually fights
  • Whenever anyone refers to the horse being a coward
  • Whenever the human horse sticks up for someone and then backs down when threatened


  • When a demon disguises himself as a normal human
  • When a demon has a cloud
  • When a demon picks a fight
  • When Tripitaka apologises or makes excuses for a demon
  • When Tripitaka talks a demon into doing good
  • When a demon has a family, i.e. brothers and sisters (of any form)
  • When the demons look like something from an old horror film, i.e. Dracula, Frankenstein etc.
  • When the demon music plays


  • When Monkey calls his cloud
  • When Monkey's cloud has an accident
  • When there is a cloud chase
  • When any demon has a cloud spurting out smoky pollution
  • When Monkey shows affection to his cloud
  • Whenever you see Buddha in the clouds
  • When one of the other main characters (apart from Monkey) has their own cloud


  • When the narrator says something insightful
  • When any of the music from the credits is played in the show
  • When any fight music is played
  • When any of the main characters is in prison
  • When anyone turns into an animal, insect etc.

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