The Day I Met The Horse!

On Monday 7th April 2003, I met Shunji Fujimura, the actor who played the horse in human form in season two of Monkey.... (known as Yu-Lung in the English-dubbed Monkey episodes). To see the autographs that I got during this meeting, see the Monkey Autographs - Shunji Fujimura - O'hyoi's page.

Here's the photos of me meeting Shunji Fujimura!
(click on them to see larger versions)

Meeting Shunji Fujimura in Tokyo! Giving Shunji Fujimura a gift in Tokyo!

Here is my account of this day, which I sent as an email to the Monkey Mailing List on Tuesday 8th April 2003:

"Hello from Tokyo!

Last night, my friend Miyuki took me to the bar owned by Shunji Fujimura (the actor who played Yu-Lung, the horse in human form) in Monkey season 2.

He's a real wine connoisseur, and it's a very upmarket bar, serving continental European dishes.

During the meal, Mr. Fujimura came around many of the tables to talk to customers - we told him of the popularity of Monkey outside Japan. He speaks great English!

After the meal, he autographed my Monkey postcard 1 (from the Fabulous Films UK Monkey videos) - he was very surprised when I showed him it! I didn't have a photo of his Yu-Lung character - the closest I had was this photo that had the horse on it!

Then I had my photo taken with him - another one for my collection ;)

Before we left, he said that when he was in Monkey, he was "white horse", and now he's "old horse" ;)

I gave him a gift from England, and Miyuki asked him the often-asked question - did Masako Natsume shave off her hair to play Tripitaka? He told us that she wore a bald head "wig". Shaving off all her hair would have limited her greatly in the work she got after Monkey."

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