Paul McMonnies

[Contributed by Paul McMonnies (, a member of the Monkey Mailing List]

New Years Eve '98 in Rhyl

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Jamie, James and Paul dressed as Monkey, Pigsy, and Sandy Jamie dressed as Monkey James dressed as Pigsy Paul dressed as Sandy

The pictures below show a comparison of the original characters next to the photos of Paul, Jamie and James dressed up. Uncanny resemblance, eh?

The original Monkey, Pigsy, Sandy and Tripitaka next to Paul, Jamie, James and the original Tripitaka The original Monkey next to Jamie dressed as Monkey The original Pigsy next to James dressed as Pigsy The original Sandy next to Paul dressed as Sandy

Paul says:
"This will probably be my first and last ever posting to this mailing list but here goes anyway.....

The only reason I subscribed to the list was that it is traditional in our town (Rhyl in North Wales, UK) for everyone to go out in fancy dress costumes on New Years Eve (the whole town - population about 30,000 - this year about 14,000 were out reportedly) and with that amount of people out, you obviously want to try to make your costume stand out from the crowd. You get the usual nuns, clowns, gangsters and Arabs, but my brother and I have always prided ourselves on making our own costumes and trying to be original (past efforts have included Bananaman, Wallace and Gromit and 1920s soccer players).

Well this year we decided to do Monkey, along with a friend of ours, James. We scoured all the cult shops around Liverpool and Manchester and could find no (absolutely none !!) Monkey memorabilia, i.e. posters, postcards, or even better - videos etc to base our costumes on (memory is a little fuzzy after nearly 20 years since we saw it last !!!) so our last refuge was the Internet where we managed to find some fairly decent pictures and even better, some AVIs to use (I can't remember the site, but the "headache" one was an absolute godsend for the Monkey costume - so thanks to whoever's site it is !!!!). We made our costumes (we couldn't get a Tripitaka, but I went as Sandy, my brother as Monkey and James as Pigsy) and took some (rather poor unfortunately) photos - all of which I will send to the mailing list. The poses in the photos are based upon the pictures we downloaded from the Net, which some (most ?) of you will probably have.

The good news is that after all that effort, we won first prize in the nightclub !!

Anyway - that is more than enough waffle from me !! I hope you like the pictures - any comments would be greatly appreciated !!! (although - "you sad b******s" will not be necessary - we already know that !!!)

Best Regards,
Paul McMonnies

Attached: A picture of all 3 of us, Monkey (Jamie), Pigsy (James) - including the crossed-eyes !!!, Sandy (Li'l ole me !!) - poorest costume of the lot - I couldn't find enough skulls !!!"

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