Natalie Bottle

[Contributed by Natalie Bottle]

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Natalie Bottle dressed as Monkey Natalie Bottle dressed as Monkey jumping Natalie Bottle dressed as Monkey and her friend as Trinity from The Matrix

Natalie says:
"Hey, so i went to a superhero/supervillain party a few months ago, and as I (and my sister) am a BIG fan of Monkey, I decided to create an awesome Monkey costume (despite the fact that I am female) that I'm so proud of I decided I had to share. My sister edited the second picture (taken for that exact purpose). The third picture is of me and my friend - she is dressed as Trinity from The Matrix..."

Here's the info from Natalie about how she made the Monkey costume:
"When we made the costume, my sister, who made the top for me, actually just used her husband's gee-top (you know, martial arts top) as a guide and made it from that using the material. The outside patterning, not correct, I know, we got as close as we could patterned ribbon from a craftshop and sewed on the edges. My scarf was just a square of yellow material folded over. The belt was just leather-look-alike material, pretty cheap stuff, and we put some gold roping around the outside (all from craftshop). And the centre piece, also not correct, is the japanese kanji for monkey, drawn on with gold metallic pen (and left for AGES to set). The headband we just got some gold-shiny cardboard (quite painful on the eyes in the light) and cut out in the right shape. The trousers I already owned - rather inconsequential - and the boots I also owned - just suede boots. The eye-brows and sideburns (quite funny to wear - you feel so stupid) is just the furry stuff you buy to make bears from from craft/material shops cut into the right shape. We had a bit of trouble actually figuring out how to stick them to my head. Vecro dots were used for the side-burns (you can see them a bit) - as were used to secure the belt. The dots were too big for the eye-brows, though, so we got some double-sided sticky tape and stuck them to my eyebrows and the fake ones (ouch). The only other thing is the stick: just a thick bit of dowling like is used for windows, which we spray-painted the ends with gold paint and painted the rest black. All quite simple. My stick WAS stolen, however, at the party to play LIMBO with. And is now laying around my room with my monkey costume with nothing to do. All up, it cost maybe $40, not including what I already had."

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