Andrew Iann

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London '97

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Iann and friends dressed as Monkey, Pigsy, Sandy and Tripitaka

Iann says:
"We did this for the fancy dress at a convention in London in '97 I think it was. We were all panicking that no one would remember, but they did, and thay went wild... all but the 18 year olds who were too young too remember.

I had a pink cloud made of cotton wool mounted onto a skateboard. I had practised on my cloud on many surfaces such as hotel carpet, concrete, tarmac... no one told me they had put out the dance floor for the fancy dress. I flew like the wind and had to jump off as it careered into camera-happy conventioners on the side of the dance floor.

Anyway we won Best in Show, a crufts thing even though there isn't a dog amongst us."

NEWS: Andrew Iann did some "work" for the Monkey feature shown as part of the "I Love The Seventies: 1979" show in the UK on Saturday 23 September 2000! See the Monkey Interviews - Masaaki Sakai - I Love The Seventies: 1979 page for full details on this show.

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