Japanese Monkey Book

In October 2002, I got a copy of a Japanese book (i.e. all in Japanese) about the Monkey TV show we all know and love, via a friend who'd got it from someone in Australia (I don't know exactly how / where he got it).

Have you ever seen this book on sale in Japan? Do you know a way to order it online? (I couldn't spot any obvious details of publishers, ISBN number or anything in the book - maybe the information on page 66 gives some clues?) If so, please contact me using the Monkey Feedback page.

Click on any of the pictures below to see a larger version of it, or click on the [Large] or [Massive] links where available to see even bigger versions.
Front cover (page 1) of Japanese Monkey book Page 3 of Japanese Monkey book Page 9 of Japanese Monkey book Page 20 of Japanese Monkey book Page 66 of Japanese Monkey book Page 68 (back cover) of Japanese Monkey book
Front cover
[Large version]
Page 3
[Large version]
Page 9
[Large version]
[Massive version]
Page 20
[Large version]
[Massive version]
Page 66
[Large version]
Back cover

Can you tell me what the Japanese text on the front and back covers of the book reads? If so, please contact me using the Monkey Feedback page.

In the above scanned images from the book, in addition to the front cover (page 1) and the back cover (page 68), I've also included:
- Page 3: Shows stills from the opening titles of Monkey season 1, with lots of text (I guess it's the narrator's intro, in Japanese)
- Page 9: Biography of Masako Natsume. I've included a "massive" version of this page, so that all the characters can be clearly read.
- Page 20: The first page about the guest stars in Monkey, with photos and mini-biographies.
- Page 66: The last page within the book - I think this includes details of the publisher etc., and this may give clues on how to order the book, but it's all in Japanese.

I'd never ever heard of this book before. With my limited Japanese, I've browsed through it, and it looks very impressive -
1) Firstly, note that it's dedicated to "Saiyuuki" (not "Saiyuuki 2" too) - i.e. just season 1 (first 26 episodes) of Monkey
2) Detailed biography of Masako Natsume who played Tripitaka
3) Great stills from the episodes, opening / closing titles, pictures arranged by character.. includes a section of pics of Monkey's various disguised forms... also a section showing all the demons (with detailed descriptions of each of them) ... and a section showing all the guest stars in each of the 26 episodes (apparently, some VERY BIG names in Japanese showbiz played the demons and other cameo parts). In all these sections, there's a lot of text - I assume describing the characters, biographies of the guest stars etc.
4) Section about the music in Monkey, including lyrics for "Monkey Magic" and "Gandhara"
5) Detailed descriptions of all 26 episodes, with a selection of stills from them.
6) Section showing stills from other TV adaptations of Monkey.
7) Section about Tripitaka and the Buddhist scriptures.
8) Scanned images of adverts / posters advertising Monkey when it was first shown on Japanese TV.
9) Details of the "Magic Monkey" CD by Godiego containing all the songs in Monkey season 1.
10) Details of comics, other TV remakes and anime versions of Monkey.
11) All of the pages of this book are in black-and-white (this includes all the still photos).
12) It looks like the book was published in 2000.

If you are able to translate any of the Japanese text from the images of the book, please contact me using the Monkey Feedback page.

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